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Hi, I'm Edison Guzman, and as a Business Strategist & Coach, I Can Help You Create and Implement the Best Marketing Strategy to Grow Your Business.
About Edison Guzman
What I Do

It's All About One Thing: Attracting More Customers for Your Business.

Your Company Will Grow When You Do This...

You know how to run your business best.

I know how to grow your business in ways you can only imagine.

Whether you’re looking to re-brand, enhance your image, increase ROI, or grow revenues, you’re just a phone call away from the prosperity you deserve.

The first step is to contact me and set up a free consultation for a customized traditional advertising or digital marketing session.

How Does the Advertising and Marketing Service Work?

We'll Just Go Through These 4 Easy Steps


Let's Have a Quick Discussion

We’ll discuss the needs, goals and aspirations for your business. After our conversation, we’ll decide if working together is right for you and I.


Understanding Your Business

We’ll discuss the strategies with the best potential that fits your budget to achieve your goals.


Delivering the Strategy

You’ll decide whether you’d like to implement the advertising campaigns and marketing strategies yourself, or hire me.


Enjoy the Results

When you hire me, my team and I implement, test, track, tweak, then repeat all marketing strategies until your business goals are accomplished.

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What My Clients Say

We have been trying to target our advertising but the responses were minimal and did not give us the bang for our buck that we needed! Then I saw this post on LinkedIn “How to Attract Customers” and immediately thought I needed this book! As fate would have it, I saw Edison Guzman, the author of this “idea” book, at an event and our conversation went into my dismay about our anemic marketing attempts. We arranged a meeting and discussed the questions in the Marketing Blueprint questionnaire. These questions pointed out that we needed to think differently. With Edison’s expertise we re-branded, implemented new strategies and spent our limited monies more wisely.
Linda Martini
Executive Director, Child Care Council of Orange County, Inc.
I would not be where I am now with my business, if it were'net for Edison. I've been seeing him in the last 4 or 5 months and my business has really taken off. I'm at a point right now where I almost have to hire people. It's very exciting and I have to thank Edison for everything.
Adria Gross
Medwise Insurance Advocacy
John has been very busy from last spring until now and we think it’s mostly because of everything you're doing for us. So, with our slow season coming, we’d like to increase our budget in the hope of keeping our momentum going. We appreciate all you do for us!
Office Administrator, Truly Green Septic Service
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